Mukti means freedom

Education is the key
to unlocking the door to freedom

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We are stronger, together!

Help vulnerable lives stay one step ahead

Our mission is to build and nurture children from disadvantaged communities through the power of education. We believe that education is the key to providing freedom, hope, empowerment and opportunity to children that are “born into” poverty.

Uneducated Persons in India
Children 35%
Trafficked Persons in India
Children 55%

What's At Stake


Without you, a child cannot choose between law, math or medicine - instead of sex slavery and manual labour


Without your investment, a teacher will feel defeated by a broken education system


Without your donation, a child living in a slum remains in the cycle of poverty

3 Ways To Partner With Us

Be Active

For $18/month, you can help us provide online education

Be Generous

For $185/month, you can help start a Mukti Education Centre

Be Adventurous

For $4000, you can spend your summer in India, teaching spoken English

About Mukti

Mukti means freedom. At Mukti Volunteer Village, we believe education is the key that unlocks the door to freedom.

Founded in 2013, we are a strong team of volunteers, donors, and teachers who help provide a holistic education to children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Equipped with the ability to read and write, these children, coming from extreme poverty, are equipped with the confidence to one day get respectful jobs and earn sufficient wages. It is our hope that they can live life independently with the means to support themselves and their families on a long-term basis.

Online Education Facilitators


Orijeet Ghosh

Orijeet has worked with Amitabh at Sonagachi red light area. Working closely with India and Canadian teachers, Orijeet co-ordinates volunteers teaching spoken English and Indian teachers teaching Math and English. Orijeet coordinates online curriculum & assessment tools, along with personalized lesson plans for the children. He plays a significant role in tracking the progress of every child who are following the Mukti Math and English curriculum.

Jabelle Micu

Jabelle is a full-time graphic designer in Ontario, Canada. She will be assisting our online education project by creating the graphic content for the Math and English programs. We're thankful to Jabelle Micu who is part of the 2021 Online Education team for Mukti Volunteer Village.

Sharon Ramadeen

Sharon Ramadeen

Sharon owns and operates an after-school education centre in Ontario, Canada, where she employees and trains educators to tutor school-aged children who are either struggling in subjects, or who are trying to advance their skills as honour students. Sharon's expertise in online education makes her a valuable member of the Mukti team as we plan to transition Mukti curriculum, lessons plans & assessments to online platforms in 2021.

The Mukti Way