Our Projects

2021: ONLINE Education

The Need

Last year was a setback for the Mukti Education Centres. Due to COVID-19, we lost access to many of our children living in the slums. It feels like we are starting again. But this time, with the help of Graphic Designer, Jabelle Micu, and the online content designed by Canadian students, Rebekah Tong, Faith Tong, Aarush Agarwal, and Davion Birbal, with oversight provided by Canadian educator, Sharon Ramadeen, we will be moving to an online education platform that will be tested by children (Lower Kindergarten to Grade V) at Mukti Education Centres later this year.

The Solution – Our Response

Providing freedom through education is the first step in allowing children to see a bright future ahead of them. It is a challenging task to instill in these children the mindset that education is invaluable for their future and the key to their freedom. Mukti Volunteer Village would like to provide online assessment tools, Math and English curriculum and personalized lesson plans to our Math and English teachers.


For 2021, Orijeet will be giving oversight to Mukti education projects in the city of Kolkata and Siliguri in the states of West Bengal, India. We are inviting volunteers from Canada to go and teach spoken English to children in India.