"If you want real peace in the world, start with children."

Canadian Board Members

Susan Singh
Affia Jacob
Ajish Balan
Sandra Ramkissoon

Advisory Committee

Amitabh Singh
Chris Shadbolt
Geninne Bridge
Leah Shadbolt
Rachita Singh
Rachna Singh
Sharon Ramadeen
Yasmin D’Souza

About Mukti

Mukti Volunteer Village is a volunteer based Canadian charity with one purpose – to empower others to volunteer their gifts and time to impact the lives of children in India.

Mukti means freedom. By joining our mission to freedom – you will move from being someone who cares and wants to help to someone who has a plan to act on their desire to help. Founded in 2013, we exist to get you there as we provide education to children with little or no access to education.

Our Timeline



The first work project - rescuing women from human trafficking & the first major fundraiser, $14,000.



2013 - Mukti Volunteer Village was founded. 2014 - Officially recognized as a Canadian charity. 2013 to 2016 - High school volunteers from Greater Toronto area ran the charity



Canadian teachers and volunteers developed our Math & English resources. Many traveled to India to conduct assessments for the children. In 2019, 110 children attend Mukti Educational Centres in Kolkata, India. 102 children participated in our 2019 Summer Education Camp in Kolkata, India.


We started teaching 30 children at the Bishul Haat slum in Kolkata, India. Canadian and India volunteer teams begin assembling the spoken English curriculum. Orijeet Ghosh joined as Mukti Education Co-ordinator.

Volunteer in India with Mukti


Orijeet will be giving oversight to Mukti education projects in the city of Kolkata and Siliguri in West Bengal. Expanding the opportunity for volunteers from Canada to go and teach spoken English to children in India.